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From: Bill Snover 
To: Scott Katarincic 
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 11:49 AM

Hi There!
Ran across your homepage on the internet as I was looking for Weiterman 
relatives.  Emma Weitermann Richter is related to my husband.  We have 
researched the Weitermann family and have made contact with relatives in 
Germany, who have shared their research back to the 1600's.
For a start, Emma's mother's name was Philomena/Phillipine Jost Weitermann.  
She came from the Rhine region of Prussia.  Her parent's names were Charles & 
Elizabeth Jost.  Philomena came to the US through New Orleans.
The Weitermann's are from Hardemansgruen, Germany--near Lobenstein.  The family 
resided there for hundreds of years.
Will be happy to share research with you!
Jan  Snover
Green Bay, WI

From: Bill Snover 
To: Robert Scott Katarincic 
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 11:56 AM
Subject: Re:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for replying.  If you will email me your address, I will copy pages from our 
Family Tree book about the Weitermann family.  I will give you some of the information now. 

Emma Marie Catherine Weitermann, born June 3, 1860 in Two Rivers, WI; died in Escanaba, MI; 
married John Richter February 25, 1880 in Ahnepee, WI

Emma was baptized at St. John Lutheran Church in Centerville (Cleveland, WI) on July 16, 1865.  
"Emma Maria Catherina, the legitimate daughter of Johann Friedrich Weitermann and his wife Philippine, 
born Jost, was baptized by M.H. Guehl on July 16, 1865 in the Town of Centerville, Wisc.  She was born 
June 3, 1860 in the Town of Two Rivers, Wisc.  Her Godparents are Friedrich M. Pauleer and 
Mrs. Chr. Borgwardt, represented Frau C. Kahlenberg and Adam Treise."  
--Church record written in German translated by Hans Weitermann of Essen, Germany

Marriage Record #369:
Husband                              John Richter
Father of Husband               Richard Richter
Mother of Husband             Magie Richter
Occupation of husband      Bremer
Residence of husband         Ahnapee, Kewaunee County Co.
Birthplace of husband          Manitowoc Wis.
Full name of wife                   Emma Weitermann
Name of father of wife          John Weitermann
Name of mother of wife        Phebe Weitermann
Time of marriage                    Feb. 25, 1880
Color                                        white
What ceremony                    Civil
Person pronouncing            Charles Nayes
Date of certificate                March 22, 1880

Children of John Weitermann and Philippine Jost:

Augustina Weitermann born Apr. 29, 1854 in  Two Rivers
Charles Jacob Weitermann born Feb. 9, 1856 In Two Rivers
Caroline Anna Margareth Weitermann born Aug. 8, 1858 in Two Rivers
Emma Maria Catherine Weitermann born June 3, 1860 in Two Rivers
John Peter Weitermann born Aug. 9, 1864 in Two Rivers
Ernest Fredrich Weitermann born Mar. 13, 1866 in Centerville (Cleveland, WI)
Henrietta Eva Margaretha Weitermann born Oct. 17, 1867 in Centerville (died Jan. 19, 1869 in Centerville)
George Christian Weitermann born May 27, 1869 in Centerville

Philomena died at the time of George's birth.  A newspaper article has her giving birth while there was 
an Indian scare and everyone was running toward the water.  No doctor or midwife was available to assist 
in the birth.  She is buried in Cleveland, WI.    In 1879 John moved the family to Ahnapee (Algoma) WI.  
In 1986. John bought land in Valmy, Door County, WI and in 1891 his home burned.  He died in 1906 at his 
daughter, Caroline's home where he was living.  He is buried in the Valmy church cemetery near the road.

We have documents to back everything up.  Have John & Philomena's we marriage record, census records, 
church records, etc.  Am attaching a picture of Philomena/Phillipine/Phebe

Will send you the research from German relative, Hans Weitermann which applies to this family in Wisconsin.  
My husband, Bill, is a descendant of Charles Weiterman, brother of Emma Weiterman Richter.    J. Richter 
owned land next to Charles Weiterman on the 1899 ,1914 and 1937 on the Jacksonport platt maps.  They must 
have rented it out since they were in Escanaba.

We have a lot of information about the Weiterman family--makes a good story!  You'll enjoy reading it.  
This was a very good, hard-working family--one that you will be happy to add to your family tree!  Thank you 
for the pictures!

From: "donald sprague" 
To: "Robert Katarincic" 
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 1:51 PM
Subject: Sprague Genealogy

> Hi 
> Its been a long time but was just taking a look at
> your work. Took a quick look and felt that I should
> give you some new dates:
> Kevin Sprague was born on Jul 3, 1965.
> Nick B. Sprague died Sep 16, 1942.
> Obed Sprague died Nov 14, 1899.
> Samuel Sprague born Jan 2, 1786, died Mar 10, 1854.
> Beriah Sprague baptized Aug 11, 1754.
> Phineas Sprague born Sep 5 1717.
> Benjamin Sprague born Jul 15, 1686.
> John Sprague Lt., died Jul 18, 1725.
> Ruth Basset born 1634, died Mar 26, 1676.
> Mary Woodworth born about 1683, died 1725.
> Sarah Dyer born Sep 30, 1733, died after 1775.
> Warren Munson born 1788 died Dec 27, 1841.
> Ann Jane Smyth born Mar 22, 1858, died Sep 2, 1889.
> Have continued to work on genealogy but my focus has
> been on the family starting with first generations in
> America. If you are interested I can send you several
> files on the different branches.
> Eric Sprague
From: "Mike Goymerac" 
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 2:09 PM
Subject: Friends of Katarincic

> Scott
> I am friends of all your people in North Town; Frank
> was one of my best friends while growing up; Old
> Timmer/Tooper is extremely close to my mother and I
> sailed with him on the Sykes & Joe Block while
> attending college; Bud was my idol when we were in
> grade school alone with Bozo; Uncle Nick & Aunt Nancy
> lived next door to you on the South Side.
> If you look up Northland College  & the Athletic Hall
> of Fame you will see my background in relationship to
> Northtown and pure Croations.  Incidentally!  Bozo O
> asked my to review your Web Site for him.
> Mike Goymerac "Gumps"

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "donald sprague" 
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 2:22 PM
Subject: Meier Geneology

> Hi Scott
> Will check my files on Tylden family.
> Solomon Meier b. Nov 25, 1836 d.Feb 13, 1921 m.
> Elizabeth D. Ulrich. Her baptismal certificate Feb 9,
> 1831. Her tombstone (Age 64 years 6 days Nov 12, 1899)
> would make b. Nov 6, 1835. Both came from Switzerland
> on same ship in 1852.  He was sixteen, she was
> seventeen or twenty one.
> Children of Solomon and Elizabeth D. (Ulrich) Meier
> 1. George Henry, who was said not to be a full
> brother.
> 2. Mary Ann, m. (Kirkpatrick)
> 3. Abraham b. Feb 25, 1866 d. May 3, 1936 m. Isabelle
> MacMillian
> 4. Halda Elizabeth m. William Rourke
> 5. Dave William
> Children of Abraham and Isabelle (MacMillan) Meier
> 1.  Isabelle Dorth (Meier) Sprague
> 2.  Florence Mary (Meier) McNally / 2nd m. Topping.
> She b. Apr 17, 1893 d. Mar 10, 1965
> 3.  William Donald Meier b. Jul 20, 1895 d. Oct 29,
> 1977.
> 4.  Aannie Violet (Meier) VanSyckle She b. Sep 4,
> 1897.
> Children of Florence Mary (Meier and Frederick George
> McNally she was b. Apr 17, 1893, d. Mar 10, 1965 m.
> Frederick George McNally b. Sep 9, 1893 d. Aug23,
> 1962.
> 1. Madeleine A. b. Sep 21, 1913 m. Leonard Paul Smith
> Akug 17, 19322 divorced Jun 6, 1946. 2nd m. John
> Wesley Banks b. Jun 10, 1900. m. May 8, 1948, divorced
> Nov 1950.
>    1. Denis I Smith b. Oct 11, 1933 d Jul 21, 1950.
>    2. Loyce V. Smith, Banks (Adopted by John Banks) b.
> Jan 31, 1938. m.  Guido Paul Iafrate b. Aug 2, 1928.
> 2nd m. to Victor Nardi b. Nov 3, 1925 no children.
>       1. Michael Paul Iafrate b. Sep 11, 1956 m. Diane
> Austin
>       2. Eileen M. Iafrate b. Dec 14, 1961 m. Roberto
> Zamora
>       3. Diane Elizabeth
>    3. Gary Edward Smith, Banks (Adopted by John Banks)
> b. Jun 12, 1943. m. Shirley Ann Brockman. 2nd m.
> Jeanne Marilyn Burns (Carey) b. May 17, 1947.
>       1. Diane Patricia Banks b. Oct 10, 1961
>       2. Ronald James Banks b. Jul 23, 1964
>    4. Sharlene Maxine Smith, Banks (Adopted by John
> Banks) b. Sep 28, 1945 m. Merlyn Blanchard
>       1. Jamie Lee Blanchard b. Aug 24, 1963
>       2. Constance Sue Blanchard b. May 13, 1965
> 2. Maxine M. b. Dec 24, 1914, m. James Frasure b. Sep
> 12, 1912
>    1. Ronald James b. May 29, 1931, m. Frasure b. Sep
> 12, 1912
>       1. James Frasure b. Apr 12, 1956
>          2nd m. Jackie Kennedy b. Dec 29, 1930
>          1. Janet b. Jun 19, 1962
>          2. Joe b. Feb 4, 1965
>          3. Thomas b. Mar 10, 1966
>          4. Timothy b. Mar 10, 1966
>          5. Sammy b. Apr 7, 1967
>          6. Michael b. Sep 25, 1968
> Maxine 2nd m. James Haworth b. Jun 28, 1908, d. Jul 6,
> 1981
>     1. George Arthur, b. Jun 26, 1938, m. Phyllis b.
> Jan 1, 1940
>        1. Brad b. Aug 22, 1959
>        2. Cris b. Jul 26, 1960
> 2nd m. to Nancy Segum b. Oct 31, 1936, d. 1967
>        1. Steve b. Oct 16, ?
>        2. Dawn b. Apr 5, 1963
>        3. Pamela b. May 6, 1968
> 2. James Arthur Haworth b. May 16, 1943 m. Geraldine
> Flatt b. Mar 8, 1945
>      1. Debbie b. Apr 26, 1962
>      2. James b. Jan 18, 1967
> Children of William Donald and Annie Meier
>    Several step children
> Children of Annie Violet (Meier) and George VanSycle
> 1. Iva Cola b. Sep 19, 1921, m. Roger William
> Kohlenberger b. Jul 21, 1916 d. Oct 9, 1949
>    1. Roger William b. Aug 22, 1947, m. Elizabeth
> Peter
>       1. James Anthony b. Sep 27, 1974
>       2. Joseph William
>    2. Nioma Lee b. Jun 2, 1950
> 2. Loyce b. May 27, 1924 m. Richard Hansen Aug 17,
> 1946 b. Dec 31, 1915 d. Mar 3, 1982.
>    1. Rebecca b. Jan 28, 1948 m. David Armock b. Oct
> 17, 1948
>       1. Matthew b. Dec 27, 1976
>       2. Michael b. Mar 16, 1979
>    2. Mark b. Feb 28, 1949 m. Linda Leckinley b. Sep
> 27, 1952
>       1. Lucas b. May 10, 1981
>    3. Edward b. Jul 22, 1954 m. Jill Cunningham b. Aug
> 13, 1960
>    4. Mary b. Feb 14, 1956 m. Jay Smith b. Jan 10,
> 1957
> 3. Billy b. Feb 20, 1928 m.Chuck Cox b. Apr 3, 1925
>    1. Joanne b. Jun 12, 1951 m. Ron Childs
>    2. Patricia b. Oct 8, 1954
>       1. David b. Apr 12, 1974
> Married: Billy m. Joe Svoboda b. Mar 1, 1916
>    1. Annie b. Oct 3, 1962
> Married: Billy m. Stanley Pietrowicz b. Dec 29, 1926
> More to come
> Eric  

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "donald sprague" 
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 2:20 PM
Subject: Genealogy

> Hi Scott
> Patricia (Higgins) Famigheti b. Mar 17, 1933.
> Dennis Higgins b. Aug 1942
> Elsie m. Raphail (Ray) Higgins
> Barney had brothers but none of them servived.
> Children of Nicholas Breeze and Ann Jane
> (Smyth)Sprague
> Baby boy born and died 1881 (Barney or
> Charles)interred on farm.
> Baby boy born and  died 1882 (Barney or
> Charles)interred on farm.
> Baby boy, born and died 1883, interred Allenville
> Cemetery, MI
> Wesley Oscar, but known as Barney or B.W.., b. Apr
> 16,1885 Born at Strongville, Michigan in a log cabin
> one mile north of M-48, near Jack Wallis farm; d. Mar
> 1969; m Jun 3, 1908 to Isabelle Dorthy Meier daughter
> of Abraham and Isabel (MacMillan)Meier. She was born
> Sep 19, 1891, d.Apr 21, 1961. He was educated at
> Srongville school, Hancock, and later at Ferris
> Institute in Big Rapids, MI.
> Children of Nicholas Brezee and Angie Elizabeth
> (Fraser) Sprague
> Baby boy, born Jul 9, 1896 in Rudyard Township, MI.
> interred Cottle cemetery Pickford, MI. (Stone says
> 1897, this is not consistent with death record at
> court house, death was registered on Jan 7, 1897)
> However, it is possible that another baby was born in
> 1897.
> Eric

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "donald sprague" 
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 1:51 PM
Subject: Sprague genealogy

> Hi Scott
> The picture of Staci Sprague is with Sarra "Amy"
> Sprague.
> Isabelle Dorothy Meier not Maiers.
> Elsie Bella b. Dec 16, 1908.
> Pat't children:
>  In order:
> 1. Cara Marie
> 2. Brian Eugene
> 3. Laura Jean
> 4. Mary Pat
> 5. Gene Michael
> 6. Guy Martin
> 7. Julie Ann
> 8. Beth Ann 
> Sprague's children:
> 1. Heather
> 2. Brian Sprague b. Dec 21 1974
> His wife's name was Heather Shelby don't know her
> maiden name.
> I can send you information on the Meier family if you
> like. Also MacMillian family. It may be of interest to
> you to know that the founder of Dominion of Canada was
> MacDonald who was a relative of Isabelle.
> Eric
----- Original Message ----- 
From: "donald sprague" 
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 2:49 PM
Subject: Aaron B. Sprague Family

> Hi Scott
> I have a few minutes here at the library so will send
> some info on Uncle Aaron.
> Araon B. Sprague b.Nov 17, 1916  m. Phyllis Johnston
> Children:
> (1) Jane Ann, b. Jul 1940 d. Jun 1946
> (2) Aaron James b. Jun 14, 1944 m. Mary Stewart
>     Children:
> (1) Staci Ann Jan b. Mar 11, 1966 m. Steve Smith
>     (1) Chase b. Jul 23, 1990
>     (2) Rachel b. Jul 18, 1994
>     (3) Zacary b. Aug 24, 1997
> (2)  Sara Amy Jo b. Dec 1970  has daughter Alayana
> Jayne b. Jun 27, 1999. also has a year old son. My
> memory is not serving me well at the moment.
> (3) Aaron James b. Aug 17, 1976
> (4) Andrew Joel, b. Sep 28, 1978
> Aaron B. Sprague  2nd M. Betty Jo Card
> daughter is Laura Jane b. Aug 29, 1960 m. Al Gibson 
> they have a daughter Nicole Erin b. Jul 6, 1990.
> I have to go now will try and give you more info the
> next time that I get to the library.
> Eric
Hi Eric,
   Thank you very much for taking the time to send me the 
info!  I've updated the web site to reflect the new info.  
If you spot any errors, please let me know. Also, I'd
be happy to post any new info, pictures (I could use better 
pics of you and family) or documents that you send me 
(preferably email, but snail mail accepted too).
Thanks again,
Scott Katarincic

----- Original Message -----
From: "donald sprague" 
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 2:52 PM
Subject: Genealogy on Sprague

> Hi
> I can provide you with information on the family if
> you like. Will start with myself and see what happens.
> I am Donald Eric Sprague born Sept 13, 1938. My wife
> is Artice Ann born Nov 8, 1942. My son is Kevin Eric
> Sprague born Jul 3, 1965 and his wife is Penney Louise
> born Nov 16,1963. Their daughter is Salina Louise born
> Oct 19, 2000. My father was Nicholas Abraham Sprague
> born Jan 18, 1910, died Aug 13, 1996. Mother was Ruth
> Elizabeth born Jul 10, 1909, died May 28,1984. My
> brother is Nicholas Keith Sprague born Feb 13, 1932.
> His wife is Elaine Maxine born Nov 7, 1936. Their
> children are: Matthew Nicholas, born Jan 8, 1961. Mark
> Allyn born Mar 10, 1964, His wife is Karen born Apr 9,
> 1962, their children are Megan Rose born Feb 17, 1995,
> Jonah Mark born May 24, 1997. Next Beth Elaine born
> Oct 2, 1966, m. Bryan Strong born 1964, their children
> are: Jacob Dale born Apr 12, 1993, Enna Kate born Nov
> 16, 1995, Benjamin Nicholas born Jun 1, 1998.
> I don't know how much you are into all this stuff but
> I have allot of data on the entire family. If you
> think it would be of any use to you let me know and I
> can continue to forward information.
> Say hello for me to the family.
> Eric
Very nice work on that site, btw - very professional.  I admire your painstaking work--I can't imagine how many hours
it took you to compile all the data and pics...
I recall Mrs. Sprague ALWAYS wore dresses--usually all one piece (below the knee, of course) with a flower pattern of some kind, and she usually embellished them with a nice pin or a scarf.
She wore makeup and lipstick (I always remember those things), as well as nail
polish, and those thick clunky shoes (kind of like pumps, but with more SUBSTANCE)--in other words, her style didn't change much from that which she had adopted as a younger woman in that picture.
She was ALWAYS a lady - something I can't seem to manage, what with my potty mouth:(
Anyway--one moment in particular I also remember:
It was Halloween, and each child was asked to draw a "Halloween" picture.  All pictures were displayed in the hallway, and the teachers got to vote on what picture was the best, and that student would win a little prize.
I drew one of a haunted castle, a witch flying past the moon, gravestones, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.
I remember being very excited, waiting to see whose picture would be chosen--and doubly so when I noticed that my picture was missing from the display after awhile.  Needless to say, I WON. 
I think the prize was a gift certificate to McDonald's or something-but the important part was how the teachers made me feel about winning.  Mrs. Sprague was especially nice, and told me she was "proud" of me.
She really helped alot of kids, Scott.
Have a great day!
-------Original Message-------
Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 08:39:56
Subject: Re: Oh yes, that's HER on the left...MRS. SPRAGUE!
That's too cool, do you mind if I post your email on the WEB site?  I think it
would be a nice addition.  Also, if you go to
and "subscribe", you'll be notified of the updates.
I'm going to forward your email to my mom and uncle (Mildred's kids), they will
definately get a big kick out of it!  If any more Mildred stories come to mind,
please send them on (I honestly don't remember much about my 3rd grade teacher).
BTW, Mildred died in 1993 and Dan, Mildred was Mena's daughter (as in the
famous "Mena bread"
----- Original Message -----
From: Michelle
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 2:46 AM
Subject: Oh yes, that's HER on the left...MRS. SPRAGUE!

Only muuch younger, and without the glasses.  I'm sure she was a good 20 years older when I had her as I teacher (yep-attending Webster School for 3rd grade), but only briefly-
here's another cool interesting "recovered" childhood memory: There was a bumper crop of kids that year, so they hired another new young teacher (whose name STILL escapes me), and after about a week, I transferred into her class...which was held in the LIBRARY, because there wasn't any room anyplace else.
Mrs. Sprague WAS very kind and very nice, however, and we all had a very nice time...until my parents bought the house on North 19th street, and I had to transfer to the ever-eerie-and-now-plowed-over-and-rebuilt WEBSTER school.
Thank you all for playing:)
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2001 10:38 AM
Subject: Re: main

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for the note,
I do not know of any living Wietermann relatives.
I've enclosed a pic a George, and Lizzy Wietermann dated 1936, they are
from the Manitowac, Wisconson area.  The girl is their granddaughter LaVerne,
I don't know her last name.
Brother and sister, George and Ema Wietermann (Richter) emigrated to the USA
from Germany in the late 1800's, I don't know exactly when.
Could you tell me the correct pronunciation of Wietermann?
Is it a common name in Germay?
Do you know what the name means or where it's origins are?
Good luck in your future research!
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2001 3:50 AM
Subject: main

Hello, and greatings from Germany.
My female name before merriage is: Andrea Wietermann born in 29.10.1966 in Herne, Germany
The name of my Dad: Friederich Wietermann and my mom: Ida Wietermann
I am searching for my family in america or so.
Once upon a time, about 1960, a little boy named Josef Henry Wietermann and his parents went
to America.
An then .... I donīt know where they are now.
Can you help me.
You know some people called Wietermann with relations to Germany??
Please send me a mail.
Yours Andrea Muddemann

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 11:34 AM
Subject: Re: Richter/Bloom

    Great thought, but I already tried that.  I accidentally found the Ellis Island info, which did not include Charles.  Charles name was Charles Gustav Richter, and later he went by Charles George Richter, and was familiarly known as Charlie.  Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.
    If you are interested, here is some additional information.
    We understand that he crossed when he was young, about 5 or 6 years old.  The passenger lists do not list the names of children of that age.  I do not know his fathers name, nor his mother's or wife's names, or his uncles names.  Charles was born in Berlin, approx 1841-2, if our information is correct.  Different information was given at different times.  We know he passed away in 1917, because there is a record of his death.  Based on the information provided by family at that time, and based on census information that he personally gave.  Franz and Ernest were supposedly born in Iowa, in 1873 and 1874, respectively, as I mentioned before.  On either a birth certificate or marriage license, the place of birth for Franz was listed as Wisc for Wisconsin, all other records show Iowa.  Iowa was split into Iowa and Wisconsin within twenty years previous to his birth, or there was some other close association between Iowa and whatever Wisconsin was twenty years prior to the birth.  Charles father ran a store, and probably owned land.  They came to California, where Elisabeth was born in 1875, and Stella(Estella) some time after that, maybe a half dozen years.  Ernest was a mason, and in the Commandry in Pomona, and was fairly well to do.  Ernest owned several two story buildings, a large house, and at least one orange grove.
    We know that Charles' father had money, and that he was from Berlin, and supposedly Charles' fathers family rejected Charles' mother, supposedly from Hamburg.  This suggested that the family was proud of whatever their heritage or background was, and rejected the wife of Charles's father simply because she was from the supposedly low class town/city of Hamburg, or so the family story was related to me when I was a teenager, I am in my late forties now.
    Once again, thanks.
Ernest Richter
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 5:18 AM
Subject: Re: Richter/Bloom

It's possible that they were brothers/cousins etc, but I don't have any supporting
documentation.  If you haven't already, try the Ellis Island search below:
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2001 6:25 AM
Subject: Re: Richter/Bloom

    If they crossed at the same time, your ancestor could have been a brother.  In my family, the name Ernest flows!
    If you find anything, please let me know, or post it on the genealogy boards.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 4:16 PM
Subject: Re: Richter/Bloom

Hi Ernest,
  Thanks for the family update.  I cannot make a family
connection - I don't have much info other than what is
on the WEB site. 
It is my understanding (facts not confirmed) that
John Richter (1854-1941) came to the US from Germany.
I don't know exactly when or from where, but I am assuming it
was before 1881.  He had 2 sons, Ernest and Charles (Carl) and one
daughter Adele.
I agree, there are many similiarities.
Good luck in your research and thanks for the email!

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 1:18 PM
Subject: Richter/Bloom

    This Richter family is different than my family, but there are some interesting similiarities.  I am Ernest Harold Richter, and I am named after my cousin Ernest Richter, who was named after his father, also Ernest Richter.  This eldest Ernest Richter was married to a Mildred, and their son Ernest Richter is my cousin Ernest Richter.  This eldest Ernest Richter passed away approx 1937, and my grandfather Franz Richter passed away in 1945.  My grandfather Franz Richter and the eldest Ernest Richter were two of four children of a Charles Richter, who passed away approx 1917.  Charles Richter had four children, Franz, Ernest, Elisabeth, and Stella(or Estelle).  Franz Richter and his brother Ernest Richter were born in Iowa in 1873, and 1874, respectively.  Charles was born in Berlin, approx 1841-2.  Charles crossed the Atlantic with his father, possibly his mother, and possibly one or two uncles approx 1848. 
    Does any of this family match with the Richter family on your web site, and if not, do you know of anything?  I have contacted some places in Iowa, and have visited the genealogical websites.  So far, I have turned up empty.
Ernest H.Richter

----- Original Message -----
From: Jay Katarincic <jay A@T>
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2001 2:45 PM
Subject: Katarincic

> Scott -
> Hi.  Thanks for the note.  I really enjoyed the site. You obviously have put
> a great deal of work (and research) into it.
> My guess is that our grandfathers were brothers.  My grandfather's name was
> Joseph Julius and he also married a Mary.  They had two sons, William and
> Joseph, and Joseph is my father.  I have a brother (Jim) and a sister
> (Julie), both of whom you list on the bottom of the family tree.  My sister
> and I each have two children, so my son will carry on the name.
> My grandfather died in 1985 or 1986.  He was a great person and I loved to
> spend time with him. I think that he came over to the USA in the late 1910s
> and he lived in Chicago before settling in Pittsburgh. His wife died earlier
> than he did. (my guess is 1979). I think that she also was an immigrant from
> Croatia.
> I have a call into my father and I am sure he will be able to fill in all
> the details.  I will also get in touch with my Uncle Bill as he really knows
> the family history and I am sure can be of a great deal of help to you.
> Thanks for your note and I will be in touch soon.
> BTW -
> This is the best email to use for me.
> Jay


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 1:50 AM
Subject: Re: Richter/Bloom

> Thank you for quick answer, Robert!
> In the next days I will give you more details.
> I found your homepage under and Weitermann.
> Have a nice day
> hans
> Robert Scott Katarincic schrieb:
> > Hello Hans,
> >    Thanks for the email.   What you see on the site is about all I know
> > about Emma Weitermann.
> > If you think you are related to her and/or have any further information or
> > pictures,
> > please let me know.
> >
> > Also, I am curious how you found out about the site?
> > Thanks,
> > Scott
> > Coconut Creek, FL, USA
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: Weitermann Hans D. <schlafapnoe.essen A@T>
> > To: <Scott Katarincic>
> > Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2001 10:10 AM
> > Subject: Richter/Bloom
> >
> >
> > > Dear Searching Friend!
> > > I am searching for Weitermann. If I remember in right kind it is Emma
> > > Weitermann a member of my tree too. If you are interested, mail me back.
> > > Best regards
> > > hans D. Weitermann
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WEITERMANN - Hello, my GG grandmother was born in Centerville 
Wisconsin. I've been told her parents died when she was young. 
They were John and Wilhelmina Weitermann. She had to raise the 
family. Do you have a listing of when and where they are buried? 
Birth and death dates would be appreciated. Any children would be 
helpful also. Lory Brasel 

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