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mlinaric nebojsa
2006-04-14 4:39:15 AM
My grand grand futher is Mlinaric Ivan, he was born in Croatia 1860, his son is Josip-his son is Dragutin, he is my grand futher, his son is Tomislav, my futher and finaly me.I have son Marko. I wont find out my origins and other roots and family conections with Mlinaric Ivan

Erwin Villazón Richter
2005-09-07 7:29:50 PM
hi im from bolivia im looking for some relatives, i only have the name of my grandfather Erwin Richter Seuner (the second last name im not sure if it right). i would like to know if i have some connection with this "Richter family". Waiting for a response and good news. Erwin Villazón Richter

Donna Katrinic
2005-07-16 8:11:59 PM
I found this website when I found out there was another Donna Katrinic. I am the daughter-in-law of Joseph E. Katrinic who born in Pittsburg Pa. and was the son of Enoch Katrinic who was married to Anna Jaksa and lived in Flint,MI. I believe the original spelling of the name was Katarincic. My father-in-law is 84 and is living in Fla.

Gary Banks
2005-02-16 12:30:27 PM
Hi, Enjoyed the Work you have done on the Sprague Family Tree. Would like to make a Correction: Isabel Dorothea Meier is my Grandmother: Florence Mary Meier ( Sister). Isabel's middle name is mispelled and there is no (s) on the end of the Meier's Name. Best regards, Gary

Barbara A. Jones
2005-02-07 11:26:05 PM
I am Joseph Anthony Katarincic Jr. Mother in law. I am working on the Katarincic's Family Tree for my Grandchildren. Would appreciate any information that is available.

Mike Goymerac
2003-07-22 9:42:52 PM
Fantastic site! I was a friend of the family in Escanaba, Michigan; great family with tremendous family ties and Croation.

2002-12-19 11:01:40 PM
I really enjoy this website. You've done a wonderful job presenting genealogy data as I've never seen it before.

Robert Scott Katarincic
2002-11-22 9:13:42 PM
Hello, This is the 1st email being sent to subscribers. I've made lots of changes in the format and additional pictures. All I can say is explore. If you have any content that you would like to add (or remove) please let me know. I do not want to publish information that you would like to remain confidential. Please visit and sign the guestbook. I have a lot more pictures to add and am always looking for more material from you. Please forward this email to any members of the family that you feel might have an interest in this site. Thanks for your support! Robert Scott Katarincic, Inc.

Martin P. Wuehle
2002-11-22 10:39:00 PM
I haven't gotten around to checking out the latest updates, but I will shortly. Later, martin

Robert Scott Katarincic
2002-11-20 4:31:11 PM
Hello, Please be encouraged to leave comments in this guestbook. I'm always looking for ways to improve this site. If you prefer, just send me an email directly. Scott Katarincic

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